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Wi-Fi Degree of Difficulty: Belly Flop or Triple Lindy?


Whether you’re practicing your competitive dive routine or planning out your wireless infrastructure, it’s typically beneficial to know how difficult the attempt is going to be. In the Olympics, the more complex the dive sequence is the more points you get if you pull it off perfectly. String a few good dives together and you’re off to the medal stand. With a well-designed and deployed wireless network, your only reward might be some highly productive users with very few complaints.…

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Meru Achieves Microsoft Lync Wi-Fi Certification


The desktop phone is fast becoming a relic. Mobile devices have changed how and where we work. Businesses, schools, healthcare providers, and many other organizations are making the move to unified communications tools like Microsoft Lync. So today, with the addition of a UC client or softphone, people can easily make phone calls or initiate video chats from their favorite mobile device.…

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Take your Wi-Fi “Back to School”


Key considerations for K-12 schools when choosing a wireless vendor (part 2)

If your Wi-Fi network doesn’t speak “AC”, it’s probably time for some after school tutoring to get it up to standards. In part one of this series, we talked about a few of the things that decision-makers must consider when choosing a wireless vendor from the “device” point of view. …

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What’s in Johnny’s backpack this year?


Key considerations for K-12 schools when choosing a wireless vendor (part 1)

If you’re like most K-12 schools, your students will be toting more technology in their Star Wars backpacks than your entire district had in its computer labs 10 years ago. To add to that, you received grants for your “One-to-One” program, and shiny new Chromebooks and iPads now “share the air” with your laptop carts, smart boards and “BYOT” devices. …

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What does E-Rate’s return mean for Wi-Fi access in schools?

It seems hard to imagine that a month ago, K-12 educators were questioning whether they would be able to support the Wi-Fi needs in their facilities with the fate of E-Rate remaining uncertain. Earlier this month, the FCC overhauled their E-Rate initiative and announced a plan to help bring Wi-Fi to students across the nation. This effort is a significant step forward to providing intelligent Wi-Fi for Uninterrupted Learning, but how effective will E-Rate be in driving Internet access for schools that need it most?…

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SDN could drive iPhone-like change

Software-defined networking has a lot of hype to live up to. Many experts are expecting the trend to take off within the next few years, as computing processes become more complicated. SDN will be able to provide a more standardized way of controlling multiple systems from one platform, which will be essential to future operations as management continues to become more complex.…

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