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Peak Spectrum in Education

The growth in Wi-Fi consumption in Higher Education and K-12/primary schools is alarming.  Our schools are running out of spectrum, or air, to support wireless demand from students, teachers, faculty and guests.  In some ways, this reminds me of the energy crisis, or ‘Peak Oil’ as it was called not too long ago in the news.

For Wi-Fi, we see colleges, universities, school districts and libraries similarly challenged as the number of students, devices and bandwidth hungry applications continue to grow rapidly, demanding more and more air time to connect to the internet, local resources and other users – but there is no more spectrum to allocate to meet their needs. …

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Announcing the Industry’s Broadest 802.11ac Portfolio

AP822 and AP122

Meru announced on Monday a significant expansion of its 802.11ac portfolio with two new dual-radio, dual-stream (2×2) access points – the industry’s first 802.11ac wall plate access point, the AP122, and a new general purpose access point, the AP822. The new products accelerate the migration to 802.11ac offering the benefits of gigabit Wi-Fi to a broader markets at lower price points.…

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More Air to Breathe

The world is going wireless and there’s a mad rush to get on board. Tablets and smart phones are increasingly becoming the source for always-on applications like email, social messaging, text messaging, videos and phone calls. To keep up with this exploding market demand for wireless bandwidth, the IEEE is evolving the standards to provide the faster data rates necessary to support this demand.…

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Embracing the Openness of SDN at the Edge

That SDN could forever change the way that enterprise IT organizations plan, manage and evolve their networks goes without saying. But much of that thinking and the lion’s share of the development of OpenFlow-based capabilities still takes place among that segment of the IT community focused on the data center. Discussion of SDN-enabling the access edge, and specifically the wireless LAN (WLAN) has until very recently been left out.…

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Congestion Ahead For Education? Not With Meru…

By Krishan Mistry, Director, Convergis UK, a Meru  Gold Partner —

2013 proved to be a record year of growth in education, with the highest level of university entrants recorded, with almost 496,000 students beginning full-time undergraduate courses. With more and more students looking to stay connected and share information, wireless networks will only be successful if they can work faster and more effectively.…

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802.11ac – The Wireless Enterprise without Compromise

By Jason Green, Managing Director, Building Zones, a Meru Gold Partner —

November has been a busy month for Building Zones. We have been successfully installing our first few 802.11ac Meru Networks wireless solutions. In fact, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the latest AP832 access points and the latest version 6 firmware.

To provide you with some background information, we at Building Zones have been delivering the wireless enterprise to our most innovative clients for many years, but have generally been met with a look of disbelief from most people when we tell them that they can achieve a completely wireless office.…

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