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Uninterrupted Learning In Higher Ed Should Be The Norm

July marks Campus Technology’s 22nd year hosting their well-known and well-attended education technology conference – Campus Technology 2015. This gathering of education leaders and technology experts provides a unique opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies that drive student success and educational advancement both in and out of the classroom. We’ll be among them because there is an immediate need for uninterrupted learning in education.…

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The Biggest—and Most Social—ISTE Conference Yet Proves Success Requires a Team


The annual ISTE show was held in Philadelphia this year, and it took quite a team to make it another successful event. Both pre-planning and on-the-ground coordination appeared seamless and resulted in four jam-packed days of keynotes, sessions, meetings, booth visits and events. More than 21,000 registered attendees—a new ISTE record—from 76 nations and all 50 states took advantage of more than 1,000 learning opportunities.…

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Cheers to IT and All the Unsung Heroes of Education

Working in education is not easy. There are more challenges and budgetary constraints and bureaucracy and guidelines to follow than in nearly any other profession. And yet, thousands of people work in education. Millions, even. People who dedicate themselves, body and soul, to helping develop the next generation. To teaching them, cheering them on, supporting them, pushing them and driving them to succeed.…

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Teach the Children—Well

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young had a hit way back when, telling parents and children to teach each other well. And the importance of learning, sharing and teaching continues to this day.

Technology is making huge impacts on every aspect of our lives, at all ages. Toddlers can operate smartphones…tweens tweet…adults are immersed in technology and connectivity from home to work and back again.…

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School’s Out for Summer—Now the Work Really Starts

Summer is finally here, and students and teachers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief. After a long year of collaborating, learning and growing, everyone is ready for a break, a vacation and sleeping in. But for school administrators and IT departments, the unsung heroes of K-12 education, the real work is just beginning.

Summer time is prime time to implement ed tech projects, so IT departments are busy planning and implementing new solutions to help improve the learning experience.…

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How Will Your Connected Coffee Machine Impact Your Network?

Smart Home Image

“Did someone put on a fresh pot of coffee? “  – Sally

“Let me check…” – Bob

“No.” – as Bob checks his phone quickly.

While our machines like our coffee pots may not be able to spontaneously generate coffee without some human intervention – last time I checked, my 3D printer could not materialize organic matter – there should be no reason why any of us needs to go down the hall to check if there is a fresh pot of coffee.…

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